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About Livos

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All peices made by The Natural Room use LIVOS as their finishing product of choice. LIVOS is now available to purchase through The Natural Room.

LIVOS are world leaders in the production of ecological plant based finishes. Officially established in Germany in 1974. They offer a full 100% ingredients declaration & are successfully used throughout Australia since 1986.

Made without harmful chemicals, LIVOS products contain only biologically and environmentally responsible ingredients. All products have a full and complete ingredients disclosure and are make to the highest European standards. Every produce has been rigorously tested for health and safety and provide excellent quality and coverage.

+ Contains no harmful VOC

+ Safe for children and expectant mothers

+ Are low allergenic / allergen free

+ Are plant based, non toxic & bio degradable

+ Are vapour permeable and antistatic

+ Unlike conventional coatings LIVOS uses natures own substances to impregnate and protect the timber rather than creating a plastic film on top