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Do you source furniture from an eco-friendly source?

Teakwood was used for centuries as a common and extremely durable building material on the island of Java after its introduction into the Indonesian archipelago during colonial times.
Thus, many sheds and buildings, neglected and no longer in use, especially in the country side, are still to be found scattered around the island. Furthermore, many old warehouses and other industrial facilities are being replaced by brick and mortar constructions. Re-using the tough teakwood from these dated structures is an eco-friendly alternative to felling rainforest hardwood trees and so helps to protect one of the world’s most fragile environments

What does FSC stand for?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the most prestigious and exacting of the world bodies established to ensure that the world’s forests are harvested in an ecologically sustainable manner.
Founded in 1993 and based in Bonn, Germany, the FSC is the world’s leading standards setter in the protection of forests and is independent, non-governmental and not-for-profit.
It shows that the company has been thoroughly audited in its production processes and its staff thoroughly trained in the detailed and rigorous steps that are necessary to show that every piece of teakwood furniture that carries this logo is using only recycled teakwood from genuinely reliable sources.

The Benefits of Reclaimed and Recycled Furniture

With the environmental drawbacks of deforestation, considerably more people these times are looking at purchasing pieces of furniture build from reclaimed timber. Reclaimed pieces of furniture is aesthetically quite attractive and its acceptance has grown quickly as eco-conscious customers have invested in sustainability by getting bespoke reclaimed furniture. Reclaimed teak furniture is an excellent eco-friendly choice because of the fact that it is not newly cut wood from trees.

About The Natural Room

The Natural Room is a world leader in the supply of 100% reclaimed and recycled timber furniture for home and business. We are an ecologically minded furniture company and our passion is to create environmentally responsible classic and contemporary furniture. The Natural Room stocks furniture that has an environmentally friendly footprint. Furniture that is made with recycled timbers sourced from FSC sources and factories, houses that are being demolished.  We believe that timber has a second life and our furniture is based on a cradle to cradle philosophy.