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Grain Designs By Vince Manna

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Grain Designs, Exotic species from around the world Photographed by Vince Manna

Artwork now available at The Natural Room

Framed 710 x 840mm

Available unframed


The love of woodworking and photography was born out of a teenage passion for astronomy, which saw me construct my own telescopes and tripods. This passion triggered a keen interest in wood collecting. The lesser-known and geographically remote exotic species became a particular obsession to obtain even a single specimen. I have travelled to many countries, trekking into some of the world’s most rugged landscapes including Africa, South East Asia and the depths of the Amazon rainforest in my search for the world’s most beautiful timbers.

I have spent a considerable part of my life in the rainforests of the world sharing my extensive woodworking knowledge with the indigenous people and often undertaking community projects, whilst learning about their fascinating cultures, the common uses and knowledge of their native woods and tree species. My passion and determination have  enabled me to accumulate over 8,500 scientifically identified timber samples.

The natural timber image abstracts shown in this poster have evolved during my extensive travels. Seeing the stunning vivid colours of the natural environment and the reflected patterns of the trees and mountains in water were the inspiration I drew from. I am pleased to make available the beautiful timbers collected by presenting them on this Art form Timber poster.


Please Note: All Timbers used in the Timber Art posters and abstracts are images taken from sections of the actual timber specimens collected during the expeditions. The vivid colours, features and grain patterns of the beautiful timber samples are a true representation before being transformed into decorative art prints.