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Huli Wigman By Vince Manna

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Huli Wigman from Tari in the Southern Highlands,  Papua New Guinea by Vince Manna

Artwork now available at The Natural Room

Framed 810 x 1120mm


The Sing Sing of Mount Hagen, is a cultural show  performed by ethnic groups, Mount Hagen, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea. Mount Hagen is third largest city in Papua New Guinea, with a population of 46,250. It is the capital of the Western Highlands Province and is located in the large fertile Wahgi Valley in central mainland Papua New Guinea, at an elevation of 1,677 m (5,502 ft).

The city is named after the old eroded volcano Mount Hagen, located about 24 kilometres (15 mi) to the northwest. The volcano was named after the German colonial officer Curt von Hagen (1859-1897)Sing-sing is a gathering of a few tribes or villages in Papua New Guinea. People arrive to show their distinct culture, dance and music. The aim of these gatherings is to peacefully share traditions. Villagers paint and decorate themselves for sing-sings.