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TRENA pH-Neutral Cleaner

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RRP   $13.25   for a 0.25 bottle

Product Description

A mild and effective cleaner for cleaning oiled, waxed, stained, painted or varnished surfaces such as floors and furniture. Is biodegradable, highly concentrated and very economical. Phosphate, soap, formaldehyde and solvent free. Is suitable for the allergy-prone because it has no smell nor essential oils.

Suitable for

All treated surfaces in household, but not for untreated wood and wooden surfaces. Also recommended for cleaning of linoleum, cork and stone.

Full Declaration

Water, Reetha (soapnut) extract, sugar fatty acid condensate and citric acid.


Add a maximum of 10 ml (1 tablespoon) of TRENA in 10 l of water use a clean damp, but not wet mop. Note: When the concentration is too high, it can lead to a matt or raw surface.

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